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Autidas way of work and our short way to action is based on our unique experience-, skills-, network and our daily learning.

How we can help

We’ll ensure that you focus on the opportunities

End-to-end programs
Autida can be involved from the earliest stage when the road map does not exist until the finish line. We team up with your crew and we reach the target and the finish line well aligned and together. Experience sharing is crucial to us.


Pre-studies are an efficient way to evaluate a potential investment in an early stage, or investigate a disaster and recovery on a regional or global level. User- and stakeholder mapping, interviews and field studies, simplified prototyping and testing. Fast learning loops.
Threat- and risk analyses for users and holders of fleets of trailers.

Business Innovation services​

When a project is assigned, we put together a Tiger Team and run the project in close cooperation until finish line.
  • Management
  • Business analyses
  • Business Development

R&D and manufacturing services - from start to finish

User- and stakeholder mapping, interviews and field studies, architecture, design, engineering, 3D-printing and CNC machining, testing, field tests, small scale production, assembly of systems with mechanics electronics, hardware, software, communication.
  • Project management
  • Design- and Engineering, mechanics, electronics and software development for products and fixtures
  • CNC-milling, 3D-Printing
  • Lab tests
  • Field tests
  • User experience capture, engagement, feedback and verification of business- and technical values and parameters

We are very proud of our wide range of references. For very good reasons and security we do not disclosure our references in public.

On specific requests we are pleased and proud to share our references with you.